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A better way to manage water

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The Problem

Compliance & Safety

80% of all commercial pools have been cited (in the past year) for unsafe water conditions, contributing to increasingly litigious outcomes.

Cost Management

Inconsistent equipment standards and management of water chemistry lead to excessive repairs and structural (i.e., re-plaster) renovations.

Guest Experience

Swimming pools, spas and water features are a top 3 amenity and poor conditions often lead to negative ratings / reviews and impact on occupancy, rates and revenue.

The Solution


Connect and network water functions


Control and treat water (sanitize, manage scale, etc.)


Monitor water quality, energy usage and staff

Our solution is supported by our world class support team, online communications and chat, and product support to keep your facility operating efficiently.

How does it work?

Data is retrieved from your resort and stored for analysis.

  • Controllers are installed to monitor your water, chemicals and flow at all times.
  • Sensors and controllers are hooked up to a modem so our servers can access the data.
  • Data is retrieved, stored and backed up. As data comes in it is analyzed for problems.
  • Data can be found in the app immediately. Alerts are sent out if problems are found.
  • Address problems immediately. Remotely control equipment and reset alarms.

Available Everywhere

VivoPoint works on all modern devices.

Whether you use iOS or Android, OS X or Windows we have you covered.

Flat fee, no obligations.

Starting at $199 a month.

  • PPM Chemical Controller
  • Dosing Equipment
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  • Wireless LTE Connection
  • Email Alerts
  • Extended Equipment Warranty
  • Premium Plan +
  • On-site PM Service
  • Equipment Options
  • Unlimited Users
  • Manage Multiple Properties
  • Corporate Reporting
All packages are available with primary sanitation feeders (liquid bleach, cal hypo, saline, on-site) and secondary sanitizers (UV, Ozone, and more).
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Serving leading resorts, hotels, fitness clubs, municipalities and multi-family apartment buildings

Westin Denver
Marriott Waikoloa
Venetian Las Vegas
"Through our partnership with VivoAquatics we have developed trust and accountability, which ultimately has led to higher guest satisfaction."
Alan Otlo
Director of Engineering
St. Regis Deer Valley, Sheraton Kona
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