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Updated Managing Notifications

As you may know, we've recently added more options to alarm notifications. We're continuing on that theme with a recent round of updates that also allow you to manage your team's alarm notifications. This update is much smaller in scope than the last update – let's walk through it.

Managing Notifications

To get started, access one of your properties and visit your team page (#1). Once the page loads, locate a user whose notifications you'd like to manage (#2).

On the "Edit User" page, you now have a few more options pertaining to alarm notifications.

Property Access

The access level dropdown still works in the same fashion. If you want to give this user access to a property, change this from "None" to either "Member" or "Manager" depending on what role you'd like to assign them. Managers can edit the values of the larger team.

Notification Settings

You can now add notification settings for a user from this page. To do so, click the "Use Defaults" button. Clicking the button gives the user all of the default notifications for this body of water. So whenever an alarm is triggered, they will be notified by email.

All of these values are also editable and removable if you want to customize the notifications for this user (on a per body of water basis).

Editing Restrictions

Employee notification access settings are now lockable on a per property basis. Once locked, an employee will still be able to view their settings, but won't be able to edit them. To prevent a user from updating their notifications check this box.


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