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New Feature Offline Content and Functionality

View pages and save manual readings while offline.

You will now be able to view previously visited pages and perform some tasks while in offline situations. This includes the ability to submit manual readings in locations where your internet connection is sporadic or unavailable.

A few caveats: This feature uses a new and developing technology. With that in mind, we expect that you may run into an issue on occassion. Please report these issues to us so that we may continue to improve your experience. Additionally, this technology requires a modern browser to work properly. All of the major browsers (current versions) support the tools and services required. Make sure you are up-to-date before continuing.

Saving Manual Readings While Offline

Prior to heading into a known offline area, please visit the new manual reading form. This will "preload" the form and save it to your device to allow for later retrieval offline. While these pages have some staying power, it's best to reload the page immediately prior to going offline. If you will need to submit readings for several systems/devices, make sure to visit all form pages you require during your time offline.

Once you are able to view the form offline, you will see both an offline banner notifying you that you are currently offline and the form submit button text will change from "SAVE" to "SAVE FOR LATER."

Fill out the form as you normally would and click "SAVE FOR LATER." If you have filled everything out correctly, you will see a banner informing you that your entry has been saved and will be submitted automatically once you regain internet access. Once you receive this message, the form will clear and you'll be able to fill it out as many times as you need. Should you fail to fill out the required information on the form, you will be notified by a red banner telling you to fill out the form correctly. Please do so to complete the submission process.

When you regain an internet connection, your forms will be submitted automatically and you will be notified with a banner saying as much. To view your submissions, please visit the appropriate system/device and click the "Manual Readings" tab. From there, you can edit or delete any submissions that may have been submitted incorrectly.

If you find yourself in a situation where you don't have a page preloaded, you will be greeted by a screen that gives you the option to complete a general manual entry form in addition to a list of pages you have available for offline viewing. To create a general manual entry, please click on the "Add Manual Entry" button.

Complete the general manual entry form as you would the system specific ones. The only difference is that you'll need to imput a property and systems manually. These should correspond to the systems you have access to. After completing the form, click "SAVE FOR LATER." From there, the process is the same as outlined above.

If you have any questions please get in touch via our support chat found on any page. Thanks!

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